Professional Standards

Principle of Ethical Professional Conduct
We will always demonstrate a professional and courteous demeanor. We are representatives of Step By Step, Inc. and a reflection of the quality of service we provide. We will discuss and review professional standards.

Principle of Privacy and Confidentiality
We will protect privacy and confidentiality and only convey information to the appropriate person at the correct time and place.

Principle of Professional Relationships with Service Groups
We will develop and maintain professional interactions, which are based on respecting and valuing others.

Principle of Communication
We will communicate in a factual and honest manner. We will identify ourselves and are accountable when making verbal and written communications.

Principle of Fiscal Practices
We will maximize and emphasize the careful use of limited financial resources. We will select and utilize vendors based on fair and open process and avoid conflict of interest. We will be accountable and accurately record the use of all Step By Step, Inc. resources.

Principle of Direct Care Services
We will deliver the highest quality of direct services to individuals in our programs.

Principle of Professional Growth
We will seize opportunities to further develop skills and knowledge, as the process of growth is never ending.

Principle of Interdependency
We will collaborate with external and internal resources. We value contributions of expertise and skills.

Principle of Diversity
We will celebrate and respect a diverse work culture.

Principle of Administrative Services
We provide administrative services for support, leadership, resources and visionary direction.

Principle of Community Services
We will be good neighbors. We will be active and contributing members of the neighborhood.

Principle of Advocacy
We are advocates. As an advocate, we will educate the community on the mission of Step By Step, Inc. and promote the desires and the needs of the individuals in our services.