Shining Light on Hope: National Suicide Prevention Month

Written by Miranda Forbes Sep 20, 2023 Uncategorized

National Suicide Prevention Month is a time to come together as a community, embrace those who are struggling, and work towards a world where suicide is preventable. By raising awareness, offering support, and fostering understanding, we can make strides in saving lives and ensuring that no one feels alone in their battle against mental health challenges. Together, we can be the change and bring hope to those who need it most.

Understanding National Suicide Prevention Month:

National Suicide Prevention Month is an annual campaign that takes place throughout September to spotlight the critical issue of suicide and promote resources for prevention, intervention, and support. It’s an opportunity for individuals, communities, and organizations to come together to reduce stigma, foster conversations about mental health, and ultimately save lives.

The History of National Suicide Prevention Month:

The origins of National Suicide Prevention Month can be traced back to 2001 when it was first introduced as a week-long observance. In 2010, the week was expanded to a month to provide more time and space to raise awareness, educate the public, and engage in activities and events focused on suicide prevention.

Why National Suicide Prevention Month Matters:

  1. Raising Awareness: National Suicide Prevention Month shines a spotlight on an issue that often remains in the shadows. By increasing awareness, we can reduce stigma and foster open conversations about mental health and suicide.
  2. Providing Resources: It’s a platform to promote resources and support for individuals who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts or those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Knowledge and access to resources can be lifesaving.
  3. Building Resilience: The month encourages individuals to learn about the risk factors and warning signs of suicide and how to support someone in crisis. Building resilience within communities is a crucial aspect of prevention.

Ways to Participate in National Suicide Prevention Month:

  1. Educate Yourself: Start by educating yourself about suicide prevention, the warning signs, and how to support someone in crisis. Knowledge is the foundation of effective prevention.
  2. Share Your Story: If you have a personal experience with suicide or mental health struggles, sharing your story can inspire hope and reduce stigma. Your journey might help others feel less alone.
  3. Support Mental Health Organizations: Consider donating to or volunteering with organizations dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention. Your contribution can make a significant impact.
  4. Participate in Events: Many local and national organizations host events, such as walks, forums, and seminars, during National Suicide Prevention Month. Participate in these events to show your support and connect with others who share the mission of prevention.
  5. Spread the Message: Use your platform on social media or within your community to share resources, stories of hope, and messages of support for suicide prevention.


If you or someone is in Crisis, please dial 988. Visit  for more information.