Intensive Behavioral Support Services

Autism and Behavioral Support – Ages 2-21

Step By Step’s Intensive Behavioral Support Services is available to children and adolescents ages 2-21 with autism and other behavioral health diagnoses. Support is provided in homes, schools, day programs and/or community settings as determined by a child’s individual scenario and needs.

In all instances, Step By Step staff works closely with families, educators and support teams to create effective treatment plans developed with a child’s unique strengths and interests front and center. Staff transfers effective techniques and strategies to the child’s educators and caregivers, further increasing the chances of long-term success.

Participating children and adolescents are evaluated by a licensed psychologist who prescribes intervention hours. From there, individualized treatment plans are developed and implemented to address the specific behavioral concerns identified during the evaluation. Participants are generally reevaluated every six months to assess progress and the need for further intervention.

ABA-Trained Staff

Behavior Analysts and Behavior Consultants (BC): Certified and/or Licensed Masters level clinicians who provide clinical insights, develop treatment plans, consult with outside resources including schools and therapists and serve as points of contact for families.

Mobile Therapists (MT): Master’s Level Clinicians who provide individualized home and community based therapy.

Behavioral Health Technician (BHT): Under the supervision of the BC carries out one-on-one interventions as outlined in treatment plans, working closely with families and other key support whenever possible. Behavior Health Technicians tracks a child’s progress and collects data that’s critical to identifying patterns and progress. 

For More Information Contact:

  • Northeast Regional Office            (570) 829-3477