Step By Step has committed to the transformation to be Trauma-informed, Resilience-oriented and Equity-focused. To capture the transformation concepts in more concise manner, Step By Step adopted the acronym “TRE” (pronounced tray).

  • Trauma-informed 
  • Resilience-oriented 
  • Equity-focused

Every member of the Step By Step team is part of the Agency’s exciting TRE transformation. The first objective was building awareness and communication tools to reach the entire Agency. The focus was to provide support through providing tools and information on TRE related self-care. Tools developed to improve communication with the entire Agency include; 

This process was supported by the Team’s involvement with the National Council for Mental Wellness’s yearlong (Oct. 2020 – Sept. 2021) community of learning.

Year two, the focus has shifted to training and expansion of TRE involvement.  

  • The TRE Team is developing a foundational training on Trauma available on this page.
  • 16 Step By Step team members are enrolled in Lakeside Global Institute’s Trauma-informed Professional Certification.
  • 100 Step By Step team members will participate in Lakeside Global Institute’s Trauma 101,102, 103, 107 and 108.
  • Each Region will develop a Regional TRE Team
  • and specialty TRE Teams for training and DEI will be formed.

The importance of being trauma-informed, resilience-oriented and equity-focused is immeasurable for the workforce and the individuals receiving services. The transformation journey is a permanent journey with constant attention to ways to grow and improve the incorporation of TRE principles.

As an Agency, we are choosing to create change that brings healing. Stay tuned for more information and tools posted on this page.