The Community Support Program: CSP Talent Group

The Community Support Program Talent Group is a group of individuals from the Lehigh Valley who have united their efforts to perform on-stage with the purpose of providing entertainment and education to the community about mental disabilities.

The group uses drama and music to entertain and educate their audience. The group formed in 1995 with the goal of providing entertainment and anti-stigma education about mental disabilities. Since that time, the CSP Talent Group has performed at various locations throughout Pennsylvania. The group has also been featured on television on the weekly special “Lehigh Valley Tempo”.

The CSP Talent Group is made up of individuals who are, themselves, recovering from or managing a mental disability including mental health disorders, addiction and developmental disabilities.

They are assisted by staff from Step By Step and other Pennsylvania providers of services for persons with a mental disability. Funds for the group are provided by Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

The Wall

The Wall” is a dramatic presentation about the difficulties encountered by an individual suffering from a mental disability. More importantly, “The Wall” depicts the recovery process. This presentation explains mental disabilities to the audience, and provides a powerful positive audio and visual impact.

The group has developed musical presentations that are used to help de-stigmatize mental disabilities. “The Songs of Pain and Promise” portray the difficulties faced by persons with mental health issues such as loneliness and isolation with songs such as “People are Strange” and “Nowhere Man”. The beginning of recovery from a mental disability is depicted by the song “Second Chance” and concludes with “I Can See Clearly”. Throughout the musical presentation, actors demonstrate the emotions of these songs with short skits.

The group also provides musical entertainment at Human Services functions such as picnics, conferences and workshops.

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