Autism and Behavioral Support – Ages 2-21

Step By Step, Inc.’s Intensive Behavioral Support Services is available to children and adolescents ages 2-21 with autism and other behavioral health diagnoses. Support is provided in homes, schools, and/or community settings as determined by a child’s individual scenario and needs.

In all instances, Step By Step, Inc. staff works closely with families, educators and support teams to create effective treatment plans developed with a child’s unique strengths and interests front and center. Staff transfers effective techniques and strategies to the child’s educators and caregivers, further increasing the chances of long-term success.

At the start of services, participating children and adolescents are evaluated by a licensed professional.  Once services are recommended, though a detailed assessment process, a treatment plan is developed to address the specific behavioral concerns identified.  Participants are evaluated on an ongoing basis to assess progress and the need for further intervention.

ABA-Trained Staff

Behavior Analysts and Behavior Consultants (BC): Certified and/or Licensed Masters level clinicians who provide clinical insights, develop treatment plans, consult with outside resources including schools and therapists and serve as points of contact for families.

Mobile Therapists (MT): Master’s Level Clinicians who provide individualized home and community based therapy.

Behavioral Health Technician (BHT): Under the supervision of the BC carries out one-on-one interventions as outlined in treatment plans, working closely with families and other key support whenever possible. Behavior Health Technicians tracks a child’s progress and collects data that’s critical to identifying patterns and progress.

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