A Collaborative Approach

Step By Step, Inc.’s highly regarded Specialized Autism Support Program (SASP) pairs existing teams of behavioral professionals with early intervention and autism support classrooms.

This collaborative, clinically appropriate approach increases cohesion among support teams, teachers, students and their families, leading time and again to minimal disruption environments, maximum learning time and optimized socialization opportunities.

Available to students up to age fourteen with diagnosed autism spectrum disorders, SASP teams work with classrooms as a whole, matching the degree and quality of support offered in traditional autism settings with an added layer of connectivity and efficiency. This team model ensures communication between everyone from administration to therapists and is particularly adept at creating classrooms with notably fewer disruptions and greater social strides.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

The development of communication, academic and social skills among students is encouraged through the use of evidence-based techniques. The SASP model is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Techniques utilized include discrete trial training, differential reinforcement, modeling, prompt and prompt fading, shaping and natural environment teaching.

The highly qualified and trained SASP staff models effective intervention techniques. By transferring these skills to caregivers and educators, the chances of long-term success increase. In treatment planning, the staff takes their cue from a child’s individual strengths, working to focus on and grow each child’s unique interests and abilities to reach behavioral goals and optimize overall behavioral growth.

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