Leadership Team

Management Team

  • Mr. Eric Lindey, President/CEO
  • Ms. Lesley Corey, Vice President/COO
  • Mr. Joe Sileo, Esq.,Chief  Administrative & Legal Affairs Officer
  • Mr. Justin Hymon, Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Ms. Susanne O’Donnell, Vice President of Finance
  • Ms. Denise Cavenaugh, ID/A Western VP of Operations
  • Ms. Meg Lukaszewski, Statewide Children’s VP of Operations
  • Ms. Janet Romero, Statewide Mental Health VP of Operations
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2021-2022 Board of Directors

  • Ms. Mary Beth Farrell, Chair
  • Atty. John Ellis, Vice Chair
  • Ms. Paula Jump, Secretary
  • Mr. James Harowicz, Treasurer
  • Dr. Kim Ference
  • Mr. George Rable, Immediate Past Chair
  • Dr. Cindy Charnetski
  • Ms. Karen Friar
  • Mr. Greg Chaffee
  • Mr. Matt Mucci
  • Ms. Corny Romanowski
  • Ms. Tina
  • McCarthy
  • Mr. Eric Lindey, President/CEO
  • Ms. Patricia Blazaskie, Assistant Secretary to the Board