As an Agency, we are choosing to create change that brings healing. The importance of being Trauma-informed, Resilience-oriented and Equity-focused (TRE) is immeasurable for the workforce and the individuals receiving services. The transformation journey is a continuous journey. TRE transformation begins by building awareness and providing trauma-informed, resilience-oriented and equity-focused tools.

Every member of the Step By Step Inc. team is part of the Agency’s continuous TRE transformation. Self-care is an essential component of TRE.  TRE seeks to equip our team members so they are fully able to be a support for others.

What TRE transformation is not – it is not just checking off boxes of accomplishing a training or reading a document.  It is not an activity or policy to satisfy a requirement.

TRE Activities Supporting Transformation

Two current TRE Transformation Goals:

  1. All staff at every position and location will feel heard.
  2. Ensure every position of leadership is equipped to share TRE information to and from their teams.

TRE Teams: All teams are comprised of members representing variety of service lines, a variety of positions and a variety of cultural identities to gain a broad range of views and experiences. Each Team is made up of 6-12 members.


  • Core TRE Team – Members from across the Agency
  • Regional TRE Teams – Teams in the four geographical areas of the Agency that further expand the voices and input from across the Agency. At least one member is also on the Core TRE Team to ensure consistency in communication.
  • TRE Training Workgroup – Team members focus on ways to ensure Step By Step, Inc. team members are equipped with knowledge about trauma, resilience and equity.
  • BIED (pronounced “bead”) Team – BIED stand for Belonging, Inclusion, Equity and Diversity. This team are the ambassadors & awareness educators in fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

TRE Info:
Equity Focused
What are Triggers?
Black History Month – Inoculations
“Trauma-Informed Support for Direct Support Professionals” – from The International Journal for Direct Support professionals, vol 10, issue 11.

TRE Communication:
Email –
Step By Step, Inc. Newsletter articles
Activities that vary and are episodic, such as the Book Club and Night Club

Lakeside Global Institute Training and Certification

Janet Romero, Jamie Fiel, Bryant Sengbe, Denise Cavenaugh, Kimberly Barber, Alyssa Durnien, Kristen Tyrrell, Kendall Gazzo, MaryBeth Kondrad, Robin Ritsick