Discover the Power of WRAP: Unleash Your Potential for Wellness and Transformation

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In a world where challenges can sometimes seem insurmountable, the journey towards

wellness and recovery begins with one crucial step: taking control of your own well-being. It’s

time to tap into the extraordinary power of WRAP – the Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

Developed by Mary Ellen Copeland and a group of individuals in recovery, WRAP transcends

the boundaries of a program – it is a way of life.

WRAP empowers you to become the ultimate expert of your own life, embracing the belief that

recovery is attainable for everyone, anywhere, at any time, through self-determination and the

right wellness tools. This remarkable framework meets you exactly where you are, regardless of

your background or struggles, and paves a clear pathway towards wellness. WRAP is a story of

hope and transformation, witnessed by individuals like Lee and Dennis Horton, who, despite

being unjustly convicted of a crime they did not commit, discovered the life-altering impact of

WRAP in the unlikely of places at a time of great difficulty, during their time behind prison bars.

The Horton brothers, like many others, recognized that WRAP offered them not only a lifeline to

wellness and personal growth, but also an opportunity to make a positive impact on those

around them. Having successfully used WRAP to thrive and ultimately secure their freedom,

they became shining beacons of hope for fellow inmates, conducting over 200 WRAP seminars

while incarcerated. Their inspiring journey showcases the immense potential of WRAP to

navigate mental health challenges and cultivate overall well-being.

At Step By Step, Inc., we are acutely aware of the rising prevalence of mental health challenges

in our fast-paced world. We also deeply understand the universal value of WRAP in guiding

ordinary individuals through life’s complexities. That’s why we are passionately committed to

enhancing the quality of life and personal growth for all those we serve and beyond.

Introducing Healing Stream – a platform dedicated to showcasing the healing powers of WRAP.

Through Healing Stream, we aim to illuminate the transformative capabilities of WRAP and

equip individuals with the necessary tools to prevent and manage mental health conditions and

the difficulties of life. Our team of Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators, alongside dedicated

WRAP II facilitators, possesses firsthand knowledge of the incredible impact of WRAP. They

have witnessed individuals triumph over depression, anxiety, grief, physical hardship, and the

challenges of everyday life and beyond, thanks to the customizable resources provided by


We invite you to join us on this awe-inspiring journey towards healing and personal growth.

Together, we can make a profound difference and create a world where individuals possess the

power to overcome their challenges and truly thrive. Let us embrace the boundless power of

WRAP and embark on a remarkable path towards wellness and recovery.

Don’t allow the opportunity to reclaim control of your life slip away. Join Lee and Dennis and

Step by Step on Healing Stream as they delve into the transformative power of WRAP. Together,

we will guide you in transforming your worst days into a life of boundless possibilities. Prepare

to construct a future brimming with promise through the remarkable tool of WRAP. The journey

towards wellness and recovery eagerly awaits your presence.