Support Where It’s Needed

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Step By Step in-home and community supports services assist individuals with developmental disabilities who live independently in the community, either alone or with family/friends.

This direct service is designed to help acquire, maintain and improve the skills necessary to independence and meaningful community engagement. A team of professional staff helps participants develop and implement individualized service plans based on their unique desires and goals.

Service plans develop skills in (but are not limited to) the following areas:

  • Access to and use of community resources such as public transportation, recreational areas, volunteer services and community associations
  • Financial stability (budgeting, general banking, record keeping and future planning)
  • Assistance in exercising civic responsibilities and civic rights
  • Ongoing involvement of friends, relatives, and advocates as part of the individual’s support planning team
  • Health, nutrition and exercise choices as well as home and community safety

This service is individualized in regard to the number of hours the individual receives but cannot exceed 14 hours per day. This is also considered an unlicensed service.

For More Information Contact:

Lehigh Valley Regional Office (610) 867-0688

Northeast Regional Office (570) 829-3477

Southeast Regional Office (610) 352-7837

Western Regional Office (412) 655-8677