Inside RCPA Capitol Day: Step By Step’s Participation

by | Mar 29, 2024 | RCPA Capitol Day

On a bustling day in Pennsylvania’s Capitol, stakeholders in health and human services gathered for RCPA’s Capitol Day on March 19. Among them was our team from Step By Step, eager to contribute to the dialogue surrounding workforce issues and budget priorities affecting our field.

Clad in vibrant orange t-shirts, we stood as representatives for constituents across the state. Despite our modest numbers – 52 strong – we represented the interests of 1,400 employees and 2,000 individuals who rely on the services we provide.

The event spotlighted the pressing need for funding, training, and support within health and human services. With a focus on Shapiro’s 2024/25 budget, discussions centered on how to address critical workforce challenges and budgetary concerns.

One topic of discussion was the allocation of County Mental Health funding. Often viewed as a low budget priority, these funds play a crucial role in providing essential services to those in need. However, as funding sources diminish, so does the safety net, leaving vulnerable individuals without crucial support. Step By Step has been proactive in extending County funded Mental Health services, including into County jails, to provide alternatives to incarceration and ensure access to necessary care.

Additionally, Step By Step remains committed to supporting individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Autism (I/DA), facilitating their independence and integration into their communities. While proposed funding increases for I/DA services are promising, we remain attentive to how these funds will be utilized and advocate for transparency in the delivery system.