Finding The “Right-Fit”

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Step By Step, Inc.’s  Job Finding and Job Coaching services identify and cultivate right-fit employment for adults with disabilities, working closely with them and their employers to develop win-win situations and ongoing success.

At this program’s core are the words right-fit. Successful employment happens when an individual’s unique skills and interests and a business’s needs are all given the consideration they deserve.

Step By Step,Inc.’s Employment Specialists starts by assisting individuals with their resumes and job interviews. On the employer side, Employment Specialists work diligently to understand a company’s needs, a position’s requirements and a workplace’s culture.

Ongoing Support

Once paid employment has been secured, Step By Step, Inc. offers employees job skills training and ongoing support. This support can include continued training and re-learning, personal skills instruction, transportation training and resources, and assistance with work-appropriate habits and behaviors. Follow-along services at the worksite may be offered at the completion of an OVR contract to develop natural supports.

For More Information Contact:

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