Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Improved Quality of Life

Step By Step’s Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation program brings mobile services to individuals’ homes, tailoring support to the person’s unique objectives. Services vary from person to person, with one key thing in common: a focus on improved functioning in the key areas of living, learning, working, socializing and wellness management.

This intensive, practical rehabilitation has been especially successful in reducing the need for psychiatric hospitalization and recidivism to facility-based services among individuals with mental health disorders living independently. At the same time, it improves daily living skills and overall quality of life through personal choice.

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation is Comprised of Three Steps:

  1. Working closely with individuals to identify their goals
  2. Planning strategies that identify the skills and resources needed to reach these goals
  3. Developing the support necessary to maintain them

The principles of individual choice, control and voluntary participation guide all efforts to meet individuals’ support needs. Step By Step’s Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation provides specialized services for transitional age youth, justice involved, and individuals with Autism.

Specialized Service: Transitional Aged Youth

This service specializes in young adults between the ages of 18-26 transitioning from children and youth mental health services to adult mental health services.

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation counselors offer a well-rounded knowledge of and working relationship with providers of children’s services and adult services as well as resources related to housing, education, vocation, and transportation.

For More Information Contact:

  • the Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Manager at  (610) 867-0688.